Beauty and The Beast : Movie Review .

I was Just so giddy when they announced this movie , I often feel as if I could relate to belle in some sort of way. Feeling like the odd girl out in my town, I often can know how hard it is sometimes to truly fit in. With this comes a sense of wonder and longing to be outside and travels away from the small town that I call home . Or in belle's case wanting to know and see whats beyond and travel beyond her tiny village. So, yes I am 25 years old , but I truly felt like I was 5 years old again . The original Disney classic came out in 1991 , just about the year I was born. But as a child , I discovered it per usual , seeing it on VHS tape.  I loved the fact that belle loved to read books and she adored libraries . I did actually "meet" her when I went to the magic kingdom one Sumner and she was overjoyed to know that I loved books. Asked me where I got mine and everything let me as well say I felt like I was five again. Let us get back to the movie shall we?

An adaptation of the fairy tale about a monstrous-looking prince and a young woman who fall in love. from rated PG
Watching this movie , I truly felt as if I was five again and falling in love with the movie once more. I have watched it twice , as well as soaking as much as I can before it leaves. Anyways , this wonderful adaptation is beautifully crafted and done . I loved all the songs , especially evermore , was my top favorite among other things. The costumes were beautifully made and I can honestly say the ending I was tearing up during.. the end . Which I will not spoil for those who are still waiting to see the movie. You will not be disappointed, I wanted to address the rumors and the talk about "gay" moments in the film. First you can tell that gaston's hechguy as I like to call him. Hes clearly in love with the guy , he makes to let gaston know that maybe there is someone else other than belle in the world. During the song Gaston , he does get slightly a little too close for comfort. Then towards the end of the movie , the castle is fighting for their home. The chest of drawers , attacks 3 men two were clearly frightened while the 3rd smiles and runs off admiring his new dress. As the drawers sing be free , then towards the end lefou is dancing with a woman but then somehow gets to be dancing with a man and smiles in the process. This scene lasts a brief 2 seconds of everyone's time. I am christian and I believe this movie is tamer than the rest . I dont get the backlash everyone had over this movie it was just sad. This is wonderful movie to take the whole family to, my little brother who is a guy loved it. And would love to see it again as well . Among the other more "mature " movies this is one of those rare gems.  


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