DVD Spotlight : Hacksaw Ridge , and Max Steel

This week I am bringing you again a DVD spotlight , and reviews. As always , I did not receive any compensation for watching these movies.
Now lets get down to business. Let me note , I am going to keep these short , as to not spoil as much of the movie .
Max Steel- Rated PG-13 
This one was challenging for the start , it started off way slow. Boy discovers that he emits some power and then tries out to find out why. He discovers a , small robot like alien called steel . Steel tells him about his father , and how he was sent to help and protect him. Did I mention this is a toy? and a tv series? Somehow I am not sure if its still running or not. But I digress , this movie started out sloww. . . I was almost to the point I was going to take the dvd out and watch something else. But I can honestly say steel , the alien saved it for me. So I would recommend for 6th grade kids and up. Nothing too scary , but superheros are always cool arent they?

Hacksaw Ridge : -Rated R 
This is a slightly different review , I can honestly tell you this is one of those movies . That just inspires you and yes it is based on a true story. Desmond Doss , is a real life solider who asks not to carry nor fire a weapon in the line of combat . As he trains to be a combat medic he faces a lot of criticism for what he believes in. At one point , his unit commander tries to make his life a living hell . To make him give up , and go home but yet he still goes. After everything he did to go into battle without a weapon , he goes to one of the most deadly places in the war. Hacksaw ridge , As they are trying so hard to overcome . They soon give up the battle to leave those who are still alive in danger. Doss , does his best to save all that he can lowering them  safely . Just one more , Lord Just one more.. all he asks .
This is a wonderful True Story of one Brave Soldiers fight for what he believes in.      Please Note: there is a lot of Real Life Gore as it is a war story. hence the rated R rating.


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