Happy 365 Planner Review and Thoughts

Just recently , I have gotten into the planner craze  I am not sure if any one knew that there was one exactly . But I wanted to discuss my favorite brand of planner , there are soo many out there and so many choices that can go so many ways . But my brand is Called Happy Planner 365 , from the craft company Mambi. I have now since wanting to write this post have two planners in my possession. I own and bought a fitness kit since I am trying so hard to lose weight it is classic planner size. And recently a trip to another Store , I added a small mini planner , same brand but normal features. I love both , And have bought a lot! One of my huge goals for the semester and this year is to keep track of all the items and things I need to do!

I have a lot of supplies now , and going strong , in keeping track of most of the things that I have to do. I love these planners and the flexibility that they have when it comes to planning and saving memories. I love my fitness planner , motioning my food intake and my workouts has really made me step and know what I am really eating and making me watch what I truly eat. I love these planners and there is so many to choose from depending on your life style and what you need !
I know you will fall in love too!
I was not paid for this post , this is my own materials and goods . 


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