50 Shades Darker : Movie Review

I want to make this clear , completely clear , I am christian and I am not perfect. Sometimes you need an escape and then sometimes you just need to forget things. Yes, I know and have heard of all the talks , how horrible this movie is , the perversion that all Christians fall for.  Now to address the "domestic" violence, these are two consenting adults. While some survivors admit that yes this is a form of mental abuse. Which I can agree on with somewhat of a level. I do have to admit , I am a survivor and no my ex was no christian grey. But he upped the control and I allowed it. There is a form of control that I do have to admit I will allow but he went a bit too far. I digress this post is something that I wasn't going to get on my soapbox on . This is a movie review.. .. Lets get on with it.
While Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Anastasia must confront the anger and envy of the women who came before her. from:imdb.com rated R
I had to fight myself to watch this movie with that being said, I did need sometime to indulge myself. I walked into the movie and started watching I can admit I was already late , and the movie had already started. But as a reader of the books , I had a bit of an idea what had already gone on. Ana had left christian in the first movie , because of the demons that plagued him from his past. He tried his best to come back to her and after asking several times and I have to admit keeping tabs on her she goes back. To him , a few ghosts of the past appear trying their best to break the couple up. This is good though.. I dont want to give too much away. But I honestly enjoyed this movie. 
I was not compensated for this review these words are my own. Thank you. 


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