Semi Annual and After Christmas Sales!!!

These are something to behold , Christmas has now been over for a couple of weeks now. And the semi annual sales and after Christmas sales are now in full swing!
A lot of people hate braving the lines and getting up early but I can honestly tell you I live for it!! I love these sales and they can stretch my Christmas money out!
We usually hit up Walmart first for anything, that we may need and I usually stick to my usual guide lines. I do not rush and buy wrapping paper there is a ton! and it will still be there! Certain Christmas items will still be there as well. You have to see the bigger picture. What does go first are ... The gift sets ! these are hot ticket items at 50% off the retail value and they go quick. I usually tend to stick to the items that I know I will use . What did surprise me this year was Walmart well the local one here , they waited to reduce a certain gifts until later. This sorta irked me still because I get a lot out of what I want to buy.
What I did end up buying was ... Makeup! and lots of it. I do not buy Walmart brand aka. color workshop because it does not work well with my skin. What I did buy was hard candy , and Drew Barrymore's makeup and some Elf. I love their products and I made sure to get my fill. I can honestly say I am a bargain shopper and I have not bought makeup for a long time well.. because I feel like I can use it all and save money. Now I am trying to replace my whole collection other than my Disney makeup that is now very hard to find. I bought several .. well as much as I wear and what I could find. To replace, what I have , everything which would have costed me more. soo I dont know what the grand total if I had bought before the sale would have been I am thinking at least $100... I got for about $30 dollars from Walmart. I bought as well Christmas candy for the new year, and as well Pioneer Women merchandise for the Christmas season. Her pots and pans are wonderful and if you dont mind the Christmas deco. on them. They are half price!  As well as other items , these are good quality and now and wonderful price!
Our next shopping area , was not walmart but the local mall , where I made it to a local shoe store.. I got Rocket dog casual boots for $20 which are on "sale" on their website for $69.99. I made it to Jc penny for their after Christmas sale as they were having the same offer during black Friday. The get $10 , $20 , $100 , off your purchase of the same amount. I bought myself an outfit from there , I also stopped at the local hot topic as well they were just starting their semi annual sale. Everything had not been tossed around yet and I was able to effortlessly go through my size shirts. And find some gems. That was there then my next stop was bath and body works! they are still having their sale! Everything has its own table, the table which is a favorite of mine is the 75% off table where the scents are almost for a steal! Well that is if you like them! Most of the christmas scents are there and I love to stock up . It is always a rush on the first day because it gets so full.
When it comes down to it , there is always  a sale that will fit your needs! and if you are a true bargin shopper you will find the deals worth waiting for!


  1. I love a good sale for sure. Great list of ideas for bargain shopping! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What an awesome sale! I love the ELF products! They're such great quality for the price!


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