DVD: Spotlight "Storks"

Storks have moved on from delivering babies to packages. But when an order for a baby appears, the best delivery stork must scramble to fix the error by delivering the baby. rated PG  from imdb.com
This cute story follows an unlikely adventure of two unlikely friends made fast. I decided to pick up this movie because I needed something to watch over the holiday weekend. My family had expressed wishes on wanting to see it as well so I thought why not? Storks is now on DVD and blue-ray and digital. 
Let me get back to the story , when first watching it I was not that much interested I find it being very rare that I actually watch kids movies these days. Most of the time I watch my usual movies preferences but this truly surprised me. This movie truly has some heart to the story , I can admit being an only child for most of my childhood. I yearned for a baby sister , well.. I got the quite opposite I got two brothers! But I digress they are apart of my life and hold me together I love my brothers. Nate yearns for a sibling to play with , so he decides to write the storks who bring babies. Well the only problem with that is.. storks no longer bring babies to anyone. They now bring packages , and they have their own sub company like amazon. Nate's letter is soon brought to stork mountain and the funny starts. When it comes down to it , family is family and somehow . Families come in all shapes sizes and colors. I dont really want to ruin nor spoil the movie for anyone. So please go out and rent! this is a wonderful family movie for any family's night in! 
( These words are my own , I was not compensated for this review) 


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