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Underworld Blood Wars: Movie Review and Thoughts

Vampire death dealer, Selene (Kate Beckinsale) fights to end the eternal war between the Lycan clan and the Vampire faction that betrayed her.From rated R For Fans of the Underworld series comes another chapter in the Saga of Selene the death dealer who has been betrayed too many times I think I have lost count. Now if you are unfamiliar to the underworld series , I would suggest catching up on the series and movies that have already aired. If you wish to be surprised well that works as well , but you might be slightly lost when it comes down to what is truly going on in the story. Let me as well add to the story , the end of this movie still does not bring closure so there is possibility for more movies.  But yet they may still leave us hanging in the balance of what is really going on. A lot of people mostly critics have already slammed this movie, poor acting , and a slightly shakey storyline. In going off that , if you do not like vampire lore, or slightly interested in v…

My Latest TV obsessions:

I am back post haste from my blogging two week break , though my numbers have suffered . I am back with new reviews and more of my life. So are you ready? Here we go! I wanted to bring you my latest TV obsessions. Now dont get me wrong , I love to watch TV at the same time I like to leave room for other activities. Now Some shows you may have heard of while others you have not. I love action , suspense and a bit of romance. It has to grab my attention in order to truly keep me watching. 
Matt Murdock, with his other senses superhumanly enhanced, fights crime as a blind lawyer by day, and vigilante by night.-from Daredevil , is on Netflix to those who remember how Ben A's Portrayal left comic book fans angry and the movie left somewhat of a hole in wondering what happened to all the characters. Now played by Charlie Cox , daredevil has a new face and new standards. This show though going into it I was bored over winter break and I thought I would give it a try since I had …

Hillsong DvD release review and thoughts:

I guess this somewhat of a repeat of a review at the same time , its just a general smaller review. I was so excited when this movie came out and me and my brother were so delighted to see it! And now you can own it on DVD , Apart from being cheaper than most newer DVD's . This is a concert like and behind the scenes sort of movie . And now included several more performances, that you have not seen in the movie theater! I welcome you to pick up a DVD on rental or purchase a copy for your own collection! Check out the full movie review by clicking the link below:  Full Hillsong Movie Review

Janurary Goals:

Well Guys December has come and gone and now we are almost midway into January. I guess I can update you on goals. Well most of my goals , got completed and then they did not. I guess you can say there was a grey area. So I am trying to make new goals , and I will update yall next month.

Reading : Start to work on my TBR list , and also start blogging some reviews of my favorites. Reading My Bible , as Well as Going through the numerous , devotionals that I have bought and I am wanting to read. Planning Well , not necessarily into the future but rather have my weeks in my planner , better written out and able to understand them better. Exercise Eat better , At the moment I am fasting from Meat , and Soda .. we will see how this keeps on during these next few weeks. Be more open , and make more friends. Keep trying to learn more Spanish. My mother has got me watching one show in Spanish. I am trying so hard to understand more and speak it. Without asking my mother to repeat or translat…

Assassins Creed. Movie Review:

When Callum Lynch explores the memories of his ancestor Aguilar and gains the skills of a Master Assassin, he discovers he is a descendant of the secret Assassins society. rated PG-13 from.
We work in the dark to serve the light .. we are assassins.. ~assassins creed

Now this movie is a bit different than what I usually watch but honestly if you knew me more personally you would know that this is right up my alley. This is one of those movies despite the horrible ratings that other movies that were based on video games in the past have received. This is one of those movies , and what has been learned from in the past. Were based on the game at the same they did not try to base this movie on a character from the game rather base it on the theme and world from the game. Though there is something slightly different from the game in the movie now. The annimus , hopefully I spelled that right is different than the game. The annimus is a device that is used in the game to tap within …

DVD: Spotlight "Storks"

Storks have moved on from delivering babies to packages. But when an order for a baby appears, the best delivery stork must scramble to fix the error by delivering the baby. rated PG  from This cute story follows an unlikely adventure of two unlikely friends made fast. I decided to pick up this movie because I needed something to watch over the holiday weekend. My family had expressed wishes on wanting to see it as well so I thought why not? Storks is now on DVD and blue-ray and digital.  Let me get back to the story , when first watching it I was not that much interested I find it being very rare that I actually watch kids movies these days. Most of the time I watch my usual movies preferences but this truly surprised me. This movie truly has some heart to the story , I can admit being an only child for most of my childhood. I yearned for a baby sister , well.. I got the quite opposite I got two brothers! But I digress they are apart of my life and hold me together I love my b…

Semi Annual and After Christmas Sales!!!

These are something to behold , Christmas has now been over for a couple of weeks now. And the semi annual sales and after Christmas sales are now in full swing!
A lot of people hate braving the lines and getting up early but I can honestly tell you I live for it!! I love these sales and they can stretch my Christmas money out!
We usually hit up Walmart first for anything, that we may need and I usually stick to my usual guide lines. I do not rush and buy wrapping paper there is a ton! and it will still be there! Certain Christmas items will still be there as well. You have to see the bigger picture. What does go first are ... The gift sets ! these are hot ticket items at 50% off the retail value and they go quick. I usually tend to stick to the items that I know I will use . What did surprise me this year was Walmart well the local one here , they waited to reduce a certain gifts until later. This sorta irked me still because I get a lot out of what I want to buy.
What I did end up …

Beginners Bible Review : And Giveaway!

( I was given a copy to review and look over as compensation for my review and words on the book every word is mine)
This beautiful Kids bible is wonderful , and I was given a copy to review. When I was younger I loved going to bed , and my mother would read me stories. Sometimes from the bible and some time from books that I had gotten from the library. We would cuddle up in my bed and she would read. This was a tradition in our household , and if I am not mistaken , I was read to from this very bible. So this has a special place in my heart. The stories are put in a very short and clear and easy to understand for readers that are starting to read. The bible is of course hardcover . With the usual paper pages so I would not usually recommend this to younger kids. These are usually more geared towards the kindergarten age and above.
I read through some of the stories the illustrations are beautiful. This truly is one of those bibles that would make a wonderful gift for those readers …