REPOST: Goals For January and December

Well , December is almost over  and everyone will soon be making those resolutions. I honestly dont believe in making them anymore. What the best possible thing to do is making short goals to meet rather than something you will dump and avoid weeks later.
Though there is somewhat of the month left , I thought I would make short term goals before the month. I want to keep these goals short and then as well I want to make a long term goals . That need to be attainable.
As always I guess you can say as well I am not the best at making my goals and living through them. But hey no one is perfect nor do they always meet their goals. I have several goals in mind but I am going to try to meet them. I guess you can say I will have several thoughts or rather subjects in mind.
Short term Goals For December:

  • Getting my Study Ready and my Recipes For Daniel Fasting. 
  • Cleaning and getting rid of Clutter in my Apartment   
  • Emailing and talking to companies to sponsor/review
Short Term Goals For January
  • emailing and talking to companies 
  • starting school right 
  • start to plan or rather seek future possibilities
  • Keep moving on with my life 
Then there is the long term goals for myself which is to lose weight , 60+ pounds off my body. While on the Daniel fast ,  get use to a more healthier lifestyle. And become more in the habit of my lifestyle , and getting into the word with God and loving him pursing him with a desire. Because when it comes down to it. Pursing his word , and pursuing his plan for us is the greatest gift we can give and the best goal we can make for ourselves.  


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