Living Life in a Blogging World.

As I plan more posts for the coming weeks , and trying to work on my real life. I just thought I would give you a look inside what life is like for a blogger.
I started blogging a few years ago when I found a love for writing I went into writing my own books. To thinking I can write about other things that I can relate or like. So I started with small reviews and public PR websites think influenster , or crowdtap etc. Then I went to higher traffic sites such as tomoson, brandbacker etc. My ex use to wonder and love getting all the new goodies in , While I put in the work with networking. But honestly its a whole lot of work , there was a huge amazon review base until they shut that down . And I have to admit I was apart of that,for awhile and now I am fully working on my blog. So apart from trying to juggle my volunteer work with various clubs and church. My school work , and there is plenty of that to go around, Then there is blogging I mostly have to sit down with or at any computer , I waste about 2+ hours of my time blogging/networking. Throwing my hat in the ring to be able to promote products , which takes time. And if I can I am going to get my media kit set up and start emailing companies. I want this blog to be something that I am proud of no matter what. And if possible something that may earn me a small income , as far as anyone knows, the only income that I receive is from sites is the products that they give me. Which is something and I am happy to receive.Apart from my reviews I have a personal/lifestyle blog , where I talk mostly about my journey in life.  What I love the things that trouble me , the list goes on. I just hope for that blog to be some sort of inspiration for those who really need it!. I guess being in the blogging world , I have my faults and I have my complaints , my little site isnt the greatest or well set up as I want it to be . I dont own a professional camera or software. I dont have the huge audience some people have but I am okay with that. I do get annoyed with the oh you get free stuff comments , and blogging sounds so easy. Well honestly its a whole lot of work , and sometimes I do have those days I wish I could quit. But honestly I dont I love what I do and its fun making these connections with the outside world. Its normal here.. I often try to tell myself in this creative mind.. But sometimes its good to go a little mad.
Thanks for listening to my randomness.


  1. You're right, blogging isn't easy. It takes time and commitment. That free stuff comes at a price.


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