Herbal Essences:Bio renewal Review

( I was given the products featured for my honest review and compensation )

I have always loved , these products since ever I was small . My mother used it and continued to use it. And we have tried it again and again with different formulas and such. But it makes a difference. 
I LOVE the herbal essences brand and it is something that I will keep using , this time though they have decided to start with a new formula's. These formulas are used with natural products and help in someway. There is one infused with coconut , that is for hydration, and renewal. This is conditioner , and a styling product , another one is and another is and the one that is pictured and that I received. Is the renewal and repair, which is with argan oil , I do so much damage to my hair from curling it to dying it to cutting and flat iron. This shampoo has made my hair softer reduced the frizz and made so much more of a difference! I love it! There is another formula with arabica and coffee fruit which seems really interesting. This one helps with volume and as well natural . If you are not much for the smell that certain shampoos have then. There is a naked version for those who want volume. Then there is Golden Moringa shampoo this helps and smooths out hair that is usually and turns out frizzy.There are several other flavors that they now offer that help with nourishment , and strength with all natural ingredients. These are wonderful and one of the brands that I will keep using due to the fact that this brand has never let me down ! 
I would honestly give it a try!  


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