Big Shot Mascera : Maybelline Voxbox

I am bringing you another wonderful review , I was slightly surprised by the voxbox I received in the mail the other day. Again they were sending me more makeup and I honestly dont mind nor care. I love reviewing makeup!
Anyways Maybelline is coming out with this new mascara and let me tell you , I loved the way that it worked with my eyes. You know how everyone comments and asks what is your favorite feature? I love my eyes. I believe that they are windows to the soul and you can tell someone who they are by looking at their eyes. This voxbox came with a full size sample of the big shot mascara along with eyeliner! which also as well I adore its one of my core favorites that I now use . Both working together are awesome and great products! They held up all day throughout work and running errands! I always love Maybelline , and even covergirl they are my two favorites. Anything that can hold up to my rough life of running around is a plus in my book.What you see pictured is my look on Sunday , when I attended church and then you see what came in the voxbox. I deeply enjoy and love receiving voxboxes. This was one of my favorites! You can pick up Big Shot mascara and the other products where Maybelline is Sold!
( I was compensated for the review  with a sample of the product , the thoughts and words are mine and mine alone)


  1. I've been on the lookout for a new mascara. I like the one I have because it defines my eyes but is kinda clumpy. Will have to check this one out.


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