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REPOST: Goals For January and December

Well , December is almost over  and everyone will soon be making those resolutions. I honestly dont believe in making them anymore. What the best possible thing to do is making short goals to meet rather than something you will dump and avoid weeks later.
Though there is somewhat of the month left , I thought I would make short term goals before the month. I want to keep these goals short and then as well I want to make a long term goals . That need to be attainable.
As always I guess you can say as well I am not the best at making my goals and living through them. But hey no one is perfect nor do they always meet their goals. I have several goals in mind but I am going to try to meet them. I guess you can say I will have several thoughts or rather subjects in mind.
Short term Goals For December:

Getting my Study Ready and my Recipes For Daniel Fasting. Cleaning and getting rid of Clutter in my Apartment   Emailing and talking to companies to sponsor/review Short Term Goals For Januar…

Big Shot Mascera : Maybelline Voxbox

I am bringing you another wonderful review , I was slightly surprised by the voxbox I received in the mail the other day. Again they were sending me more makeup and I honestly dont mind nor care. I love reviewing makeup!
Anyways Maybelline is coming out with this new mascara and let me tell you , I loved the way that it worked with my eyes. You know how everyone comments and asks what is your favorite feature? I love my eyes. I believe that they are windows to the soul and you can tell someone who they are by looking at their eyes. This voxbox came with a full size sample of the big shot mascara along with eyeliner! which also as well I adore its one of my core favorites that I now use . Both working together are awesome and great products! They held up all day throughout work and running errands! I always love Maybelline , and even covergirl they are my two favorites. Anything that can hold up to my rough life of running around is a plus in my book.What you see pictured is my look on…

Sole patches : Relief From Your Feet ! Thoughts and reviews

( I was given a sample as compensation for a review and the thoughts on this product )

These are so cool! I got these to test and review . Have you ever wore heels? delt with the uncomfortable worn out balls of your feet after a few hours? I know I have had that uncomfortable feeling time after time. Same reason I dont own a lot of heels I usually tend to stick to those shoes that are more comfortable and have less of a heel. Those are a lot more comfortable! and so much better to wear!
But if you still insist on wearing heels I do have the solution for you! Sole Patches are these cute flower "pedals" that you can place on your uncomfortable areas of your feet and being able to handle your shoes a whole lot better! You can place on your feet troubled areas for a more temporary thing. Or you can permanently attach them to shoes. They can be placed where they are need to make those beloved heels feel so much better than they usually are. Have you ever heard that fashion is pa…

Herbal Essences:Bio renewal Review

( I was given the products featured for my honest review and compensation )

I have always loved , these products since ever I was small . My mother used it and continued to use it. And we have tried it again and again with different formulas and such. But it makes a difference. 
I LOVE the herbal essences brand and it is something that I will keep using , this time though they have decided to start with a new formula's. These formulas are used with natural products and help in someway. There is one infused with coconut , that is for hydration, and renewal. This is conditioner , and a styling product , another one is and another is and the one that is pictured and that I received. Is the renewal and repair, which is with argan oil , I do so much damage to my hair from curling it to dying it to cutting and flat iron. This shampoo has made my hair softer reduced the frizz and made so much more of a difference! I love it! There is another formula with arabica and coffee fruit which seem…

When Jesus was a Green Eyed Brunette Review And Giveaway

So Again Folks I am bringing you another wonderful review!  This lovely devotional/life book is an interesting one. I started reading it a few days ago, As a christian we are told that Love is something that should not be given freely. But with that being said, we need to love like Jesus did and like God does. Another sermon I recall from our youth group that I help with we need to have this kind of love that is not judgmental towards others even if we do not know them or not. In the beginning the author explains a bit of the inspiration of this book. Which I can admit , I have been guilty of coming to conclusions. As the book goes on , he begans to explain his life. How a beautiful angel like girl with green eyes helped him understand God and his faithfulness. I read some more of this wonderful book last night and it touches base with God's Faithfulness to reward those who honor and follow him.  This book as I read it every single night , and write after-thought notes I began to…

Living Life in a Blogging World.

As I plan more posts for the coming weeks , and trying to work on my real life. I just thought I would give you a look inside what life is like for a blogger.
I started blogging a few years ago when I found a love for writing I went into writing my own books. To thinking I can write about other things that I can relate or like. So I started with small reviews and public PR websites think influenster , or crowdtap etc. Then I went to higher traffic sites such as tomoson, brandbacker etc. My ex use to wonder and love getting all the new goodies in , While I put in the work with networking. But honestly its a whole lot of work , there was a huge amazon review base until they shut that down . And I have to admit I was apart of that,for awhile and now I am fully working on my blog. So apart from trying to juggle my volunteer work with various clubs and church. My school work , and there is plenty of that to go around, Then there is blogging I mostly have to sit down with or at any computer …

Hell or High Water DVD spotlight

A divorced father and his ex-con older brother resort to a desperate scheme in order to save their family's ranch in West Texas. rated R from Again I am here bringing you a DVD spotlight , this time I am bringing you a movie that is near and dear to my heart <3 We actually had this movie film in Our area the scenes that you see. I see almost everyday when I go to school or go to work . So this movie was a must see for our family , though I need to admit right now this is not a family movie! In most cases I would not let siblings watch such a movie. But we are a movie loving family and we thought it would be something to see sights we see almost every single day. Now back to the movie, This is an awesome movie, everything is so well done. Our beautiful new mexico landscape and the people. Though it is based in Texas you are actually looking at New Mexico , which in most ways is funny within itself. But I digress , The characters are so well rounded and have their own dim…

Moana Movie Review and Thoughts!

"In Ancient Polynesia, when a terrible curse incurred by Maui reaches an impetuous Chieftain's daughter's island, she answers the Ocean's call to seek out the demigod to set things right rated PG. "

So again , I am bringing you another wonderful review this time . So thanksgiving break came and went , and I was blessed to spend the time with my mother since she was released from the hospital. So we decided to Christmas shop and catch a movie while we were free from kids. Which was simple and one of the movies I have seen without my brothers. Anyways back to my review. 

Moana , is one of the more diverse princesses who claims she is not a princess. She dreams of rowing beyond the shore and seeing what else is out there and she actually tries once and fails miserably. But she is always drawn to the water wanting to venture. When her world is threatened and some pushing from her grandma she soon leaves her home to track down the demi God Maui. Which is p…