Pure Clay Masks: by Loreal Review

I was chosen by bzz agent to try  new pure clay masks from the brand L'Oreal. There are several choices and they each have their own formulas  to help with your skin. One which is a greenish color which helps to Purify and Mattify  it comes with 3 pure clay and eucalyptus. That was the first one that I have tried and that one really was a favorite of mine.  My face felt cooled and was soft that truly made a difference. Then the black colored clay is to Detox and Brighten and pictured with me sorry for my dazed look. This one as well has 3 pure clay's and charcoal, which is different from the green colored facial mask. Now the last one , which is a reddish color and the only mask that I have not tried helps with refining pores and exfoliates the skin. Either way I have had a good experience with all the masks that I have had. Taking care of your skin is something that is worthwhile and something that you need to do. I have always had a good experience with any products that I have used with L'Oreal company and these did not disappoint they were well made . With any new skin product I would ask, to try it on a small skin patch to make sure you are not allergic to any of these products.
I was given this product for free for my honest opinion. these words are my own. Thank you 


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