Food ... IN A CUP! Favorites and trials

 Today I am going to talk about , Food in a cup! These are like the college students bread and butter when it comes to Dorm Living. Because though some universities may offer a kitchen you cannot cook it all. I have well now use to have a negativity about these because they always seemed to taste different than stuff I can cook at home. And now that there is a need and a want for items that are fast and quick to make , more companies come out with items. And then pintrest is full and I mean FULL of recipes of items you can make in a mug. And those I want to tell you , do those with a side of caution... My mother and me made some in mugs and the directions gave you a whole lot of cake.. Anyways I am going to cover my top TWO favorites , since I am a very picky eater when it comes down to it. So my top two must have right now are... The Quaker oatmeal bowls and Rice a Roni rice bowls these are so rich in flavor and so simple to make! I can simply talk about how good they are but why dont you go and try them out?


  1. I love Quaker Oatmeal but I have never tried the in the cup ones. I should check these out. Thanks for pointing that out.


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