Fashion: Eshakti dress : Custom fit for you

( I was given a dress as compensation for this review and for my honest thoughts ) 
Eshakti is a wonderful company that does not get a lot of credit like it should. I was given a sample a dress made to my specifications and something that would fit my body size. And any of these dresses would and can be fit to almost anybody shape and the length is fitted as well. Just in time for the Holiday season , when everyone is looking for that one special dress for the holiday party of the season. You can be wearing something that is going to fit you right and something that will make you look like the belle of the ball.
These dresses come in different colors and sizes and styles. I actually bought myself an Eshakti dress before I was given one and it still fits perfectly. Custom Tailored means that this dress will fit your frame while fitting your stature and size.
Just skimming the site today I found , that they have everything sorted by color and size . A wedding collection , beautiful well made gowns to make any bride look beautiful. As well as bridesmaid dress and these are not horrible to look at.  The prices are reasonable , for something that is so well made and beautiful and tailored. And let me mind you I am sorry guys , there are no men's sizes or clothing options . This is a women's only website , Eshakti , we design you customize! and when it comes down to it something like custom made is the best  thing !


  1. That's a cute dress that you selected! It looks like it'd be really comfortable. I love that they design the dress for you almost and that it's tailored/customized to your body. That's so important, since not everyone has the same body size, shape or height. Will have to check out eShakti. I've heard of them, but have never looked at their site.

  2. This is a cool dress. It looks comfy and flowy yet stylish and could be worn for different types of occasions.

  3. This looks like a super cute dress! I have a dress from Eshakti and love it though I rarely have a chance to wear it.

  4. That dress is beautiful and you could accessorize it in so many ways. Love the fact that it can be tailored for your body type!


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