Day of the Dead , It is not just a Halloween Costume

Halloween was yesterday, and with that came a lot of costumes. So many different costumes that people wore and had fun with. When I write this post I want people to be informed, and to let them know. I am not here to bash anyone , for wearing a day of the dead costume. I just want people to know the historical thought behind it. Its been a recent trend , for stores to group both holiday's day of the dead. And Halloween together , their decorations are on the same shelf's and somehow people think of them as the same thing. 
Day of the Dead or rather El Dia de los Muertos , is a special Holiday that is celebrated after Halloween on November 1st. The day after Halloween , this originated from tradition in mexico to celebrate and be with loved ones that have passed on. Celebrate their time on earth , This is usually celebrated with food , and drinks and parades . And alters that are usually made up at a families home to celebrate those who have passed on. They usually start decorating these before November 1st. What I love about my culture is the fact how colorful we can be when it comes to celebrating. 
Apart from building and eating and celebrating those who have passed . It has also been a tradition to , go and visit and decorate graves of those passed. With the hopes that they may , come and visit those who are still living. Graves are usually decorated with ornaments and items of those who have passed. Sometimes they may leave food , and other small items in hopes that they may receive a visit from a loved one. Apart from this as well many observe and follow the craft route and decorate sugar skulls in honor of those who have passed.
This is not only a one day celebration it is rather two days, November 1st and November 2nd. One day the 2nd is usually reserved for kids who have passed. And to be celebrated, along with adults as well. It is quoted that " Dia de los Muertos can be traced back to the Aztecs who celebrated with a festival for the goddess of the underworld, Mictecacihuatl, and the Catholic Spanish conquistadors’ All Saints' and All Souls' days. Scholars have noted the indigenous cultures of Mexico honor the Lady of the Dead, the modern La Catrina, which many recognize today as a skeleton woman wearing a fancy hat.According to the legend, La Catrina was a selfish, greedy rich woman who did nothing to help the poor. Many now mock her every year by dressing in ornate garb, painting their faces white and detailing features to look like a caricature of a skeleton.The caricature associated with Dia de los Muertos today is based off of La Calavera Catrina, a painting by artist Jose Guadalupe Posada created between 1910 and 1913." 
I am now making it apart of celebrating and getting to know my Hispanic heritage more. Get closer to my roots and really knowing where I came from. 


  1. I am glad to see you differenciate the two holidays. I have friends that celebrate El Dia de los Muertos with alters and sugar skulls. I had no idea about La Catrina though. Thank you for sharing that piece of history.

  2. I feel so weird saying that I learned about this recently with thanks to the disney show... elena of avalor. Guess thats what happens when you're a mom. :P

    Thanks for sharing so much info though, I learned a little more & it is so interesting!

  3. Very informative post. I was wondering whether the celebration honored children who have passed (that was on my mind after losing a nephew a couple weeks ago).

    1. Yes they honor children that has passed on. With their own day , I am sorry for your loss

  4. This was so informative and thank you so much for sharing!!

  5. As having a husband who's Hispanic I am happy someone else was able to provide the meaning The Day of the dead. :D

  6. Wow, I did not know that. I love learning about other cultures, so I really enjoyed this post. And I have to admit I am very fond of sugar skulls, I think they are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing your heritage with us!

  7. Thank you for sharing this interesting and informative post. I love reading about different cultural holidays and holy days.

  8. My 10 yr old granddaughter is studying this in school right now, obviously because of the time of year. She has been coming home and teaching us about it. We were asked that if we didn't want our children to learn about it, we could allow them to opt out. My husband and I talked about it, and I could find no reason that she shouldn't learn about another culture, and beliefs. We honestly found it kind of cool. I am ashamed to admit, that when I had heard the term "Day of the Dead" years ago, it didn't bring up a good thought. Now that I know more about it though, I think it is kind of a cool tradition. Thank you for sharing your post!

  9. I remember studying this in school. Thanks so much for sharing. Very informative.

  10. This was really informative! It's important to learn and celebrate your roots!

  11. My daughter dressed up for Halloween with a "Day of the Dead" theme. My kids are Mexican and understand the meaning behind it. This year they remembered their abuelo who succumbed to cancer last year.


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