Blogging Challenge.... Catch Up.

So Today is my blogging challenge Catch Up Today, I made a promise to keep up with it and honestly it does help my writing. I will be writing up and stopping at day 3, so now you get to know a little bit about me.
Day one: Blog Name 
Honestly now that my life has changed for the better and I soon will graduate college hopefully. I will be changing the name. And hope my readers stay with me, I started this blog as a journal of sorts and I started it in college hence the name. At the same time it also went by another name , since I was in a relationship. Short story but simple.
Day Two:20 facts about you
ok 20 facts ...

  1. I am a introvert with extrovert days , somedays you can honestly get me out of my shell. 
  2. I am a huge movie and film buff 
  3. I am a cat lover 
  4. I have been an extra in a movie , and My degree use to be in acting 
  5. I love reading but haven't found the time to read my long list of to read 
  6. I love blogging 
  7. I love to shoot , and I mean going to a shooting range and firing off some guns. 
  8. I am christian , honestly that should have been the top fact. 
  9. I went to my first "paid" concert on Sunday the 30th. 
  10. I have a sweet tooth  
  11. My degree now is Criminal Justice with a minor in sociology
  12. I cannot wait to graduate 
  13. I am proud big sister to two boys my brothers and I have two more I have never met
  14. my mother raised me on her own
  15. I struggle with having an iron deficient system somedays 
  16. I have been on 4 different mission trips and I want to go on more 
  17. I have dreams of being a police officer , or in the airforce as an MP.
  18. I tend to keep my emotions hidden , I dont like to burden others with my issues , I rather help others
  19.   I am a bleeding heart for people.. 
  20. I am me , though I have improved my life I will keep changing for God <3
Day 3 : Favorite Quote 
I have a lot somedays I wish I could make a book of them all.. I have a top two right now.
 There you go! Challenges all caught up. 


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