Pley Toy Rental

What can I say honestly about this company , This company offers a wide range of toys that you are able to "rent" for a fee each month. The cheapest "fee" that they charge is $14.13 each month to have one toy out . A clear warning to those who do rent , this is an on going service , think of it as redbox for toys. This is how it works you make a list of toys that your child wants to play with , then you choose your plan You either have novice option , 12.99 a month which I am not sure why im being charged $14.13 a month on wait... shipping. Or wizard which is $29.99 a month with shipping as well. You receive 3 credits , and you get a wider range of toys that you are able to choose from. This seems to be %25 percent off. You are also able to provide a gift card or an option to pay for a loved one to receive the toy service. I dont want you to feel as if I hate this service they have been very professional to me and nice. I just cant afford a service like this on a normal day , my brothers are almost out of the toy stage well one is 16 years old. His likes are books , movies , and tech. My 12 year old does like the toy here and there. I received a minecraft lego set for him to try out.
Though I had no issues I honestly kept the toy longer than I thought I would and was charged and lost some money. Though that is my own fault I feel like there are better alternatives than "renting" toys. There are local , lending libraries that are such a better option. My little brother was finally able to put the toy together , as you can see in the photos below and above. Hes always open to helping me try out new products which is always something . He loved figuring it out , I knew personally he would love the lego's . When we prepared the toy for shipment , we was sad that we had to dissemble his master piece that he had put together. Though this company may work for others and it does seem like a good company. I myself cannot afford it on a budget, like mine.

I was compensated for this review , with the toy item , and borrowing use. For my honest review and take on this company and subscription service. The words are my own . Thank you. 


  1. This sounds like a fun service in theory, but maybe not the best for some lifestyles.

  2. I wondered about this deal and decided to decline. We have a ton of toys already and my luck I would forget which toy was theres, lol.


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