Hillsong : Let Hope Rise Movie Review

"A documentary on the Australia-based band Hillsong and their rise to prominence as an international church." From imdb.com

As many people know , I am christian so when I saw that Hillsong was coming out . One of the most influential bands of our time. In the christian music world , as you watch this documentary you find out these humble beginnings of each band member. And the band itself, and the start of this mega church success.    
Well , I took my little brother when we were out of town  since our theatre does not have this specific movie.
We were the only ones in the movie theatre , which wasn't surprising a lot of faith based movies. Bring crowds but only during specific times, so we were the only ones in the movie theatre. But that isn't the point , right when the movie started. They played a message on screen , " please think of this like a concert , and a worship experience. Feel free to sing along with the songs." Which was a new thing for me , thats when they started off with the first song. WORDS on the screen! I was so excited and since it was just me and my little movie buddy. We sang and learned and watched , which was an awesome time for the both of us.
Learning about the hillsong church , was an eye opener these folks were from humble beginnings a small one room church , that is now a library. Then they started to have touring bands reaching out to the youth first , and then it just grew from there. Which is wonderful , on how much faith each member had in God with how they wanted to be used to his purpose.

Because when it all comes down to it , it isnt about us its about him..  


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