Goddess Voxbox

Its Voxbox time again and this time I was able to review and try the goddess voxbox!

 I always love receiving these , and I still enjoy getting them. Recently they have given out a lot of digital badges. Which is you do so much work , for a chance at receiving a product. But its all fine with me the more influence you have the more products you will receive.
Anyways back to this Voxbox , Goddess sounds good doesn't it?
What came in the box , was nail polish remover , shampoo and conditioner, information about e-bates. Nail polish , always pads, Downy Dots as I like to call them. Witch Hazel , Dicksons Brand.
So here is my view,
The Pantene Shampoo smells awesome , and as always I have soft silky hair. I always will recommend this brand.
The Cutex nail polish removers do not have a harsh smell and are
wonderful to use to get that tough polish off. I might start using that brand more often!
The Witch hazel , works and is a wonderful brand to use , This is mainly to get tough makeup off , and does a wonderful job cleaning off the dirt and grime of the day.
E-bates , is tricker I haven't even understood it well yet, I have tried this system so many times. With no luck , I have wanted to use it since so many people have recommended it. But I just cannot seem to figure out the system, which sucks . But someday hopefully I can get the hang of it.
Always pads , the new and updated and better version as I call them. Thin enough to get it all when you have those days.
And now the last thing, Downy Dots as I like to call them , these and others are wonderful in the laundry! I love love using them. When I need that extra smell in my laundry , I love this brand and others that I have bought!

Overall , the box was great  and all the products in it. I will use and more than likely buy more .


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