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Say and Pray Devotions : Review and Giveaway !

I got this wonderful , boardbook to review from FlyBy promotions first of all this book is so cute! bright pictures. And wonderful art to help your child understand the world as they grow up. Each page has items labled . In order to help your child learn and grow as you read or they read. I love the fact this a durable board book. So it is tough for the younger crowd they wont tear it up as much I understand those who have a hard time keeping books together with the younger kids. This is a wonderful gift for younger kids such as 3 and down . I would even consider giving this as a baby shower gift . To those who are having childeren but not quite there yet. Though I have siblings that are not really toddlers anymore. I know how it is to have a smaller child in the house and how sometimes they love to chew while they are teething and want to taste everything . So board books are awesome when you need something to read but also need for it to be tough. Apart from givng you my thoughts o…

Pley Toy Rental

What can I say honestly about this company , This company offers a wide range of toys that you are able to "rent" for a fee each month. The cheapest "fee" that they charge is $14.13 each month to have one toy out . A clear warning to those who do rent , this is an on going service , think of it as redbox for toys. This is how it works you make a list of toys that your child wants to play with , then you choose your plan You either have novice option , 12.99 a month which I am not sure why im being charged $14.13 a month on wait... shipping. Or wizard which is $29.99 a month with shipping as well. You receive 3 credits , and you get a wider range of toys that you are able to choose from. This seems to be %25 percent off. You are also able to provide a gift card or an option to pay for a loved one to receive the toy service. I dont want you to feel as if I hate this service they have been very professional to me and nice. I just cant afford a service like this on a …

14 gospel Principles for Parenting Review And Giveaway!

"What is your calling as a parent? In the midst of folding laundry, coordinating carpool schedules, and breaking up fights, many parents get lost. Feeling pressure to do everything “right” and raise up “good” children, it’s easy to lose sight of our ultimate purpose as parents in the quest for practical tips and guaranteed formulas. In this life-giving book, Paul Tripp offers parents much more than a to-do list. Instead, he presents us with a big-picture view of God’s plan for us as parents. Outlining fourteen foundational principles centered on the gospel, he shows that we need more than the latest parenting strategy or list of techniques. Rather, we need the rescuing grace of God—grace that has the power to shape how we view everything we do as parents. Freed from the burden of trying to manufacture life-change in our children’s hearts, we can embrace a grand perspective of parenting overflowing with vision, purpose, and joy."

As a foundation in many parts of life , parenting …

Hillsong : Let Hope Rise Movie Review

"A documentary on the Australia-based band Hillsong and their rise to prominence as an international church." From
As many people know , I am christian so when I saw that Hillsong was coming out . One of the most influential bands of our time. In the christian music world , as you watch this documentary you find out these humble beginnings of each band member. And the band itself, and the start of this mega church success.     Well , I took my little brother when we were out of town  since our theatre does not have this specific movie.
We were the only ones in the movie theatre , which wasn't surprising a lot of faith based movies. Bring crowds but only during specific times, so we were the only ones in the movie theatre. But that isn't the point , right when the movie started. They played a message on screen , " please think of this like a concert , and a worship experience. Feel free to sing along with the songs." Which was a new thing for me , th…

Goddess Voxbox

Its Voxbox time again and this time I was able to review and try the goddess voxbox!

 I always love receiving these , and I still enjoy getting them. Recently they have given out a lot of digital badges. Which is you do so much work , for a chance at receiving a product. But its all fine with me the more influence you have the more products you will receive.
Anyways back to this Voxbox , Goddess sounds good doesn't it?
What came in the box , was nail polish remover , shampoo and conditioner, information about e-bates. Nail polish , always pads, Downy Dots as I like to call them. Witch Hazel , Dicksons Brand.
So here is my view,
The Pantene Shampoo smells awesome , and as always I have soft silky hair. I always will recommend this brand.
The Cutex nail polish removers do not have a harsh smell and are
wonderful to use to get that tough polish off. I might start using that brand more often!
The Witch hazel , works and is a wonderful brand to use , This is mainly to get tough makeup o…

Every Day with God: 365 Daily Devos For Boys By: Veggie Tales Review and giveaway!

Book Description:  "Encourage your child's spiritual growth as they learn more prayer and God with their favorite VeggieTales characters in Every Day with God: 365 Daily Devos for Boys. Featuring updated content and art that offer the perfect opportunity for parents and children to share time together each day. Each entry includes a Bible verse, a short devotion, a Thought of the Day, and prayer. Recommended for ages 4 to 7 years." I was given a copy of this lovely devo book for boys though my brothers are past the target age. I fully believe no matter the age as long as they are reading the bible. And getting into God's word they are fine. Though this book is geared towards ages 4 through 7 years but I feel any age you can gear it towards with some changes in words. So parents , grandparents , and even older siblings this would be a wonderful gift for any child. Apart from having a dev book for boys do not fret they sell a one geared towards girls as well!
I love the…