Ben- Hur Movie Soundtrack: Songs inspired by The Movie . Review and thoughts

1. Amazing Grace – Jordan Smith
2. Sisters & Brothers – Sidewalk Prophets
3. When We Love – Love & The Outcome
4. Let It Be Love – Family Force 5
5. Ceasefire – for KING & COUNTRY
6. Surrender – Blanca
7. Shadows – We Are Messengers
8. Never Burn Out – Stars Go Dim
9. Your Love Is Enough – Jon Foreman
10. Drop Your Stone – Chris August
11. If We’re Honest – Francesca Battistelli
12. Come Sit Down – Big Daddy Weave
13. The Only Way Out – Andra Day

I am starting a new thing reviewing here on my blog, you have seen me review everything from A-Z most days. But I am now reviewing CD's specifically music that is fitting what I am listing to these days. 
Today's CD is the Ben-Hur soundtrack songs inspired by the movie , you can either find this CD in physical form . Or as I did buy it and have a digital copy from iTunes , I had watched the movie just recently . And fell in love with some of the songs , so I knew I had to have it. Anyway's enough about me , Ben-hur is a remake of the 1959 classic film which was shown and loved by many audiences . This one was rather , slammed and hated by many critics of today. I can now admit I have seen the movie twice , once with my buddy and another alone. These are all wonderful artists that bring together a good cd with wonderful vibes from the movie. A few of my favorite songs are the, only way out , Ceasefire ,  and drop your stone. This is definitely a wonderful Cd and I love playing it in the car. 
( these words are my own I was not paid for this review.)

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