Me before You : Movie Review and Thoughts

A girl in a small town forms an unlikely bond with a recently-paralyzed man she's taking care of.

Here I am again with another book disaster but a good movie despite its flaws. At first I wasn't really meaning to call this a disaster. But when reading Me After You , I began to notice the little details the movie left out. Warning ! spoilers ahead!
Will has 2 siblings His father had a mistress , among other things. What a lot of people had issue with was the fact that he chose to end his life. I am christian as most of you know, though I did have issues with his choice. I could see , the other side of the story. He wanted this for him , after the accident he wasn't himself anymore. He wasn't the world traveler , or bachelor. He was confined to a wheelchair and despite his best efforts. He just could not see life the same way again, Even if Louisa gave him that effort in the morning to wake up. He got sick very easy, and it was hard for him to get better despite the best doctors. Just recently others who have made this choice , have made national news. And its just conflicting sometimes to understand why they want to but at the same time grant them peace.
This movie was not made to romanticize , life style of those confined in a wheelchair. I've met a lot of criticism for that on other forms. I feel as this brings light and direction to those who live like this. To them and their caregivers , the struggles that they face and good days that they have. I took my mother to see this and she was shocked , but at the same time both of us could see why he chose to take his own life. I believe in the coming weeks it will be released on DVD as it is available  to rent on digital now.
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