DVD Spotlight: The Choice

 Travis and Gabby first meet as neighbors in a small coastal town and wind up in a relationship that is tested by life's most defining events. From imdb.com
The Choice is now on DVD , and blue-ray and also for rental at red box right now. Another love story brought to you by Nicolas sparks. I wanted to see this movie so bad when it was out in theaters , but sadly I was unable to see it. Now I was excited at the thought of renting it and then later buying it for my viewing pleasure . My mother is always in the mood for a romance so this was a girls movie day. We soon sat down and began to watch it, this was an older romance that Nicolas had written and now had time to come to the big screen. It follows the story and the romance of Travis and Gabby. As they go through their romance and start to understand if they are really meant to be together. Gabby is trying to get through med school while Travis and working with his father in his Vets office. Though I am not much for Spoilers I do want to say . This is one of his best ones to date my mother clearly enjoyed the movie as she loves a movie with a happy ending. This Movie and other Nicolas sparks movies are now on dvd. And able to be bought anywhere dvd's are sold and the choice is now up for rental . Rated PG-13. Perfect for a girls night in. <3
(these words are my own I rented the DVD for my own benefit I was not paid for this review)


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