Captain America Civil War: Movie Review

Political interference in the Avengers' activities causes a rift between former allies Captain America and Iron Man. from
This is the movie that everyone is talking about that they cannot get enough about. Last weekend I was able to take a show in with my official movie buddy. He was so excited and as you can tell I am team iron man. I just love his quirks and the way that he sometimes handles himself. Even though sometimes he does, say a little bit too much. As far as everything goes the rift that is shown does have its fans and then sometimes is handled different on both sides. This is something that is a topic that would be known in the superhero world. Anyways , this movie has it all and what you would expect from a Captain America Movie . Action and quirks from the whole team with some missing and new team members added to the list. Though I do not want to give any of the movie away I do want to note that you will not be disappointed with this movie. Ok my only nitpick with this movie is though it is family friendly, for the most part please keep your younger kids at home that do not know proper movie manners. I had a younger child sit near me and she would not stop asking her father questions in a clear voice not a whisper. If your kids know the proper movie manners then great A+ for you. But honestly those these marvel movies are now , more family friendly . I do believe save it for the younger kids. Either way great movie for a night out, with kids or not your choice. Either way I enjoyed it fully . And cannot wait for other marvel movies to come out! 
Rated PG13
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