The Original Harlem Globe Trotters : Live! Review and experience

( in no way was I compensated or given tickets free , I paid for it all  The review is my own)  
I do have to admit because I was a student and the university paid for 400 students to receive a ticket I did get a ticket like that for free. But the Magic pass and general admission for my little brother was all paid for by me and only me.

Lets get back to the fun, The original Harlem Globe Trotters are celebrating their 90th anniversary. We got the chance to have them travel to our little humble town for one night. I received one free ticket and the rest I paid for. Including the magic passes $15 extra , We arrived a tad bit late when coming the magic pass , is actually a sorta show and meet and greet about an hour before the actual show. If you can afford it , I would pay the extra $15, in our case after the show was over , they allowed us to keep the seats that we had. So we got to sit wherever we wanted to within limits my little brother chose as close as he could get to the point we could high five the players. 3rd row. Soon the public filed in , and there was a lot . I was grateful that I had paid the extra 15. I dont like to give too much away but the game has a story along with it . And that makes it twice as fun even if you are not a "sports" person I would highly recommend going, I had fun and I dont like to watch much sports. If you can only get general admission I would highly recommend getting there early. Or one person from your group , go and save seats. The merchandise table is usually set up somewhere I would usually recommend going when the game is going on if you dont like long lines. When halftime came, everyone wanted to buy the highly coveted basketballs. They are pricey though, $60, $25 , $20 for the smallest think a baby basketball. Anyways I ended up purchasing a shirt and basketball for my brother. $50 total, honestly I dont think much about it I want something for him to have to remember the game. I believe in total all the money I spent I think it was worth it , I loved the small grin on his face. As he watched the show , after the show all the globe trotters come out and sign autographs and take pictures. Ok this was my only complaint that was the most disorganized mess I have had to deal with. People were pushing and shoving cutting in line , had several items to autograph I believe the max should be two. And one photo with the player, there was no lines I have to explain. Just a huge mess , and we weren't able to get two players autographs. Which was disappointing to say the most.
Other than that we had an amazing experience, and would do it again, I believe it should be noted not the whole team usually travels its only certain players while another team travels another route.


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