London has Fallen Movie Review and thoughts

In London for the Prime Minister's funeral, Mike Banning discovers a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders.
Next in my reviews , is London has fallen the 2nd movie I guess you would say in the fallen series or part two . Whichever makes more sense to you , I took my action buddy with me since he was a huge fan of the 1st movie which is pictured which is Olympus has fallen. Which is basically similar story different bad guys , but all the same characters included. To know what has happen to our hero before London has fallen I would suggest to watch Olympus first and then London. Im not necessarily a thing to watch the first one . But to know how Mike got his job and what happened since then I would suggest watching the first one. Even though London has fallen is basically the same theme. Unlike my Zootopia review this is a hard core action film with tons of explosions and guns and bullets. There really isnt a moral of the story , just a hard known fact dont mess with Mike banning or our president. I know funny right , but unlike most action movies I just love the work that is done with this movie and the story and the highlights behind this work. I truly believe that this is a wonderful movie and so well made. So if you are looking for a good action movie with a lot of good chase and action scenes. I would suggest this one, Rated R
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(movie tickets purchased by me, review is my own)


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