The Imperium Saga :The Impending Storm Book Review

This new fantasy thriller by first-time novelist Clifford B. Bowyer takes you on a mythic journey into a richly detailed world like none you have ever known. Follow the trials and tribulations of Warlord Braksis, Empress Karleena, and the Madrew elf Kai as they seek to unravel a conspiracy that will impact the lives of the Seven Kingdoms forevermore. This marks the bold beginning of THE IMPERIUM SAGA. (from
This book is very different from anything else I have ever read , Im usually not into any of these type of books so I thought why not? I should give this a try. During my free time I dived into the book and began to read the book was to say , well interesting it held my attention and I was wanting to see what happened next. Even though it did not hold my attention to buy another book. Its not really my cup of tea. I did believe that it was well written for those who love this type of Fantasy. 
Each Character seems to be very well written and somehow you are wanting more. They seem to leap off the page . I believe my favorite character was empress , Karleena I was drawn to her character wanting more. She seemed to draw my attention almost right away when she was introduced and I was so excited to see what would happen.She seemed strong and a wonderful character as she seemed to leap off the pages.As you know I do not like to giveaway spoilers I just hope that you pick up this book! And fall in love with this series! 
( everything said in this blog are my words none others the product mentioned above was given to me for free for review purposes only)


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