DVD spotlight : Pixels

I thought I would start a spotlight on certain dvd's and showcase some of my favorites as I find them or Old favorites. The first DVD/blue-ray I would like to showcase is Pixels mostly got horrible reviews. But honestly I believe has its own quirk and likeable views to it. 
"When aliens misinterpret video feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war, they attack the Earth in the form of the video games"From IMBD.com
I rented this movie on a whim because first I did want to watch it and then it also was the only thing I could get that seemed family friendly. And that my family had not already watched it. (we watch a lot). It was my little brother the youngest in our family my mom and me , right off the bat yes it started to get a little overdone. But then some of the jokes started to drop and it was funny in its own way. Aliens believe that an act from the US government is a declaration of war, when they send harmless tapes of 80's video games. These pixel warriors terrorize the planet, in their own way, and the only way to beat these games is to play with them. Without giving too much away, though some of the jokes are adult in nature. There are a few jokes thrown in there for the kids. Rated PG-13 I would suggest watching anything first before letting your kids watch it.  


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