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Center of Gravity Book Review

The truth could cost her everything. Her whole life, Ava Carson has been sure of one thing: she doesn’t measure up to her mother’s expectations. So when Mitchell Carson sweeps into her life with his adorable son, the ready-made family seems like a dream come true. In the blink of an eye, she’s married, has a new baby, and life is wonderful.Or is it?When her picture-perfect marriage begins unraveling at the seams, Ava convinces herself she can fix it. It’s temporary. It’s the stress. It’s Mitchell’s tragic history of loss.If only Ava could believe her own excuses.Mitchell is no longer the charming, thoughtful man she married. He grows more controlling by the day, revealing a violent jealous streak. His behavior is recklessly erratic, and the unanswered questions about his past now hint at something far more sinister than Ava can stomach. Before she can fit the pieces together, Mitchell files for divorce and demands full custody of their boys.Fueled by fierce love for her children and a…

The Imperium Saga :The Impending Storm Book Review

This new fantasy thriller by first-time novelist Clifford B. Bowyer takes you on a mythic journey into a richly detailed world like none you have ever known. Follow the trials and tribulations of Warlord Braksis, Empress Karleena, and the Madrew elf Kai as they seek to unravel a conspiracy that will impact the lives of the Seven Kingdoms forevermore. This marks the bold beginning of THE IMPERIUM SAGA. (from This book is very different from anything else I have ever read , Im usually not into any of these type of books so I thought why not? I should give this a try. During my free time I dived into the book and began to read the book was to say , well interesting it held my attention and I was wanting to see what happened next. Even though it did not hold my attention to buy another book. Its not really my cup of tea. I did believe that it was well written for those who love this type of Fantasy.  Each Character seems to be very well written and somehow you are wanting more. …

Point Break 2015 , Movie Review

A young FBI agent infiltrates an extraordinary team of extreme sports athletes he suspects of masterminding a string of unprecedented, sophisticated corporate heists. "Point Break" is inspired by the classic 1991 hit. Going into this movie I had no idea if I would like it or not please know that I did not see the 1991 hit. So I was seeing all these characters through new eyes and as reading along I found out that the story was similar but different in its own way. Without giving too much way, Its a wonderful movie. Filled with extreme stunts and awesome views of the land that is around us. Utah is tasked with the job of finding out information on this group. In most ways he becomes deep undercover in trying to find out why they are pulling all these robberies off. As the story goes along he finds out more and more about the group and starts to understand why they are doing what they are doing. I dont like to give too much away so im going to leave it there. But as a new fan I…

DVD spotlight : Pixels

I thought I would start a spotlight on certain dvd's and showcase some of my favorites as I find them or Old favorites. The first DVD/blue-ray I would like to showcase is Pixels mostly got horrible reviews. But honestly I believe has its own quirk and likeable views to it.  "When aliens misinterpret video feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war, they attack the Earth in the form of the video games"From I rented this movie on a whim because first I did want to watch it and then it also was the only thing I could get that seemed family friendly. And that my family had not already watched it. (we watch a lot). It was my little brother the youngest in our family my mom and me , right off the bat yes it started to get a little overdone. But then some of the jokes started to drop and it was funny in its own way. Aliens believe that an act from the US government is a declaration of war, when they send harmless tapes of 80's video games. These pixel warr…