Goosebumps Movie Review.

A teenager teams up with the daughter of young adult horror author R. L. Stine after the writer's imaginary demons are set free on the town of Madison, Delaware.(from
Again folks I bring you another wonderful movie review , this time I come to y'all with a fairly new movie. And just in time for ... Halloween ! and Just rightfully came out at the right time. I try to take my siblings out for a treat , when it gets near a holiday. This time I only took one since the other seems a bit occupied with other activities. Dont worry , im taking him and everyone else in our family to eat out. Soon, none the less , I took the youngest in our family , E as he will be called or little bro . He was so excited , I took him out as a fall treat since he had been doing so well in school and selling candy for his school. He had the choice of The last witch hunter and goosebumps. Well he chose goosebumps, if you have ever read any of the goosebumps books, this is going to be a delight for you to watch.
Though I was not an avid reader of the series, I did get the general idea , and the movie was a story within itself. There are plenty silly and relatable characters , that kids will love and laugh about. My brother loved scenes, with main character's sidekick friend. Even though there are "scary" characters in this movie . The movie is very family friendly, and I was among families when I took my little brother . We laughed, I cried...(you know if you watch it, im a bit of a romantic) And overall enjoyed ourselfs. I would definitely recommend for the 6-up crowd but younger could enjoy it if they are not easily scared. Since there are "scary" characters throughout the movie. I did have a fun time , trying to figure out how many book characters you could remember. None the less! I would definitely recommend as a Halloween treat or a bad weather treat if your Halloween gets rained out.
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