Natural Handmade Artisan soaps Review and Look At ~

( I received this product for free for my honest review and unbiased thoughts on the product) 
I love the idea , of natural soaps , most natural products that I have tried have had lasted long do not have such of a heavy scent but they smell wonderful. None the less , I received these in a timely manner and was surprised with an extra soap to try! which is always cool to get . Both soaps were good and smelled wonderful right when I opened the package. I loved it , These soaps are all natural. And Colorful , I love them and they seem to make wonderful gifts to those who need something to add to a hand basket or something small to give to a friend as a pick me up. The amazon listing reads simply , 
  • The sweet, fruity scent of raspberry with a hint of vanilla & loaded with Anti-Oxidants & Vitamins
  • Premium Olive Oil Penetrates Deep Into Your Skin To Help Prevent Wrinkles & Reduces Brown Spots
  • Gently Moisturizes While Nourishing Damaged, Dry & Irritated Skin - Perfect For All Skin Types
  • No Harsh Chemicals - No Detergents - No Preservatives - No Artificial Color - Just Natural Soap
  • Old Fashioned Handmade Soap Inspected & Packaged With Our Soap Lovers Guarantee!

its true though while using this soap it was gentle and handled my hands wonderfully . None the less , I would greatly recommend this soap . To those who always have trouble with hand soap and having co current problems with their skin and using soap. 
Please click on the link below to find more information and to see what other flavors they have and what other soaps you can purchase! 


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