Toeless Yoga Socks Review

( I received this product for free for my honest review and thoughts on this product) 
These honestly surprised me, I do yoga sometimes and I have yogi friends who love their yoga. So I was eager to try this product when it came about. I received it in the mail quick and easy which was wonderful and good at the same time. I do have to admit these are a bit confusing when you first look at them . You have to figure out which toes go in where and which foot is which foot. Which ultimately , maybe im just blond. They have a sung fit and they will grip to almost every surface including a yoga mat. Which is the purpose , mainly anyways these are comfy and wearable and breathable when it comes down to it.  The Amazon Listing States, 
  • PurSabino Bella Yoga Socks - Form-fitting toeless design promotes better flexibility and range of motion in your toes. Slip-resistant tread on the sole provides excellent control, traction and helps keep you balanced and stable (superior grip).
  • Perfect for traveling without a mat. Perfect for Pilates, Yoga or just lounging around.
  • A great hygienic alternative to practicing barefoot, protecting feet from exposure to foot fungus in public studios.
  • Keep your feet warm on cold morning workouts. The half toe design lets your toes breathe and takes advantage of the best grips you already have - your own toes.
  • SIZE Small/Medium... Women's Shoe Size (5 - 10) and Men's Shoe Size (4 -9)

These are breathable and safe to wear if you are worried about the dangers of going barefoot in a public yoga studio.
They are small enough for travel size so why not try them out? They seem like a perfect fit , and something that would be worthwhile checking out. You can purchase them and find out more information by clicking on the link below.
(every product featured has my full approval and support unless otherwise noted )


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