SUMO Ice cream Scoop Review

( I received this product for free for my honest review and thoughts on the product the words are my own)
So getting an ice cream scoop is not the best thing when you are changing to a healthier more adaptable lifestyle. But I could not resist None the less I decided to try it ,  But I decided to try it with sherbet since honestly. Well its the more healthier thing none the less I was excited to come up with an excuse to buy something somewhat sweet. So pretty much score! 
My First impression is that it is very heavy and promises to cut through hard frozen anything pretty much. So I was excited , its always a challenge when you want to eat your ice cream but its way too frozen to even attempt to cut anything or get anything out of the pan. None the less , I braced myself . Was it going to work? or was it going to break and break its promise? We will find out ! 

Well it came through with flying colors! it worked wonders and even though the sherbet was very frozen it cut through like butter I was pleasantly surprised. That it came through , apart from never breaking it promises to never chip or flake. Which is always good I don't believe you want to eat metal in your favorite sweet treat none the less. Its something worthwhile. To look at when considering a good strong and sturdy ice cream scoop. The information on reads, 
  • SLIDES THROUGH SOLID ICE CREAM. Cuts through iceberg hard ice cream with ease. No delay - enjoy your ice cream straight from the freezer.
  • UBER COMFORTABLE: Tough non-slip grip gives you SUMO confidence.
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE: The SUMO scoop will never snap, break, rust, chip or pit like other. No more broken spoons. Save cash and never buy another scoop again.
  • 100% DISHWASHER SAFE: Your scoop is made from stainless steel. Wash it endlessly in a machine with peace of mind.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Pass on your scoop to the next generation and we'll replace it if there's ever a problem.
Sounds Great doesn't it? I enjoyed it and its my new thing to use when it comes to ice cream. So why not give them a try? its something new to try isn't it? please click on the link below to find more information and to purchase
( Every product featured has my full approval and support , unless otherwise noted) 


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