Advanced Hair Repair System by Arvazallia Review

(I received these products on behalf of the company for free for my unbiased review and thoughts on the product the words are my own)
I received these as a set I got the shampoo and conditioner and the argon oil cream for my hair. The whole system has various amounts of argon oil in them. None the less , it seems like Argon oil is the new thing that is wonderful in hair care and in skin care. The smell depending on the product varies I have owned oils with a horrible smell to a pleasant slight coffee smell . Which is fine , these products are ones that fit into the ok smell. They left my hair feeling clean and refreshed and they promise to prevent breakage. So trying it for the next few days while showering , I shower every other day depending on what is going on. If I cannot I try at least once a week , being a student is time consuming. None the less shower time is like pampering time , for me as a busy student. This when you can wash all your worries away. 
The description on Amazon . com reads , 
  • Utilizes Advanced Proprietary Formula that Repairs, Restores, and Strengthens Hair that has been Damaged by Heat Styling, Coloring, or Chemical Treatments
  • Hydrates and Moisturizes Dry Hair Locking in Moisture and improving its Texture and Manageability Leaving it Vibrant and Healthy Looking
  • Sulfate Free and Paraben Free - Safe for Use with Brazilian Keratin or Color Treatments. Utilizes Highly Effective but Gentle Cleansing Agents that Deeply Cleanses without Drying, Fading, or Stripping Hair of Color or Moisture
  • Nourishes Your Hair With Vitamin and Nutrient Rich Moroccan Cosmetic Grade Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil Which Helps To Promote Natural Hair Growth While Also Giving Your Hair a Lasting Luminous Shine. Highly Effective For All Hair Types Including Permed, Natural, and Curly Hair
  • A Member of the Arvazallia Advanced Hair Repair System and Specially Formulated to Work Together With Arvazallia Advanced Hair Repair Daily Conditioner and Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and other Arvazallia Professional Series Products Including the Premium Argan Oil Hair Treatment and Ultra Curl Defining Cream with Argan Oil
I can say it does stay true to its word and it does greatly help when it comes down to it. I use this whole hair care system from time to time. And I love using it and recommend it to anyone who needs that extra pick me up in their hair . 
You can purchase each bottle separately , I am not completely sure if they sell it as a set . It just depends on your preference. You can click on the link below , to see and find more information ,
( Every product featured is a product that has my full support and backing , unless otherwise stated thank you for your time) 


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