Frozen Elsa Palette E.L.F brand Review and Look.

Disney and ELF cosmetics team up once every few months I would say to bring makeup looks to us "grown up kids" . I've seen them make a Disney villains line , a snow white line , and others these usually sell at Walgreen's and they are within the price range to buy  those who are not able to  travel to Disney to try out their own signature makeup line, Disney sells it only in their parks and limited sets online. Their line , is huge and a big hit in the parks, when it comes to everything. I have had my eye on several sets but sadly have not yet gotten my hands on any of them. But I have gotten my hands on this set which brings me to my review! 
This is Disney's Frozen Elsa Palette Set that you can purchase at Walgreen's for 12.99 . They have a vast array of other branded products this time for Elsa from Makeup bags ( I own one). To hair ties and clips and nail polish and even more makeup . None the less its something that draws people in I barely was able to snag this beauty let alone get a makeup bag! all the hair stuff was gone! but the nail polish still remained. OK lets get to the facts here folks , 
Here is what it looks like and comes with , A eye shadow brush , lip gloss , bronzer, I believe eye pencils , with a dash of glitter. And various eye shadows , named after various aspects of the movie. Such as the castle , and such I cannot remember them all. 
When you open it up, there is a little symbol on the corner telling you to peek. It actually gives you a guide in which or rather ideas on how to use the palette If you wish , if you flip the other side over it gives you two ideas and a step by step guide. On how to apply the makeup , when it comes down to it, I love this. Overall I wish the colors would stand out more , and pop I had to seem to apply several coats to my eyelids to keep the color. The lip gloss was a brighter color and seemed to really make everything pop!. None the less I would recommend this to any makeup lover or maybe Disney lover. This is one of those limited Editions that you must have! 


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