Voodoo Tattoo's Review and Giveaway!

( I recieved this product for free on behalf of the company for my honest review and thoughts on the product the words are my own and no one elses)
I was very excited to receive these , I had been hearing nothing but good things from everyone that they were pretty cool . And the hip new thing to wear , ive even seen celebrities wear them, even going out and shopping at the mall , you see so many competing stores that have their own version. Apparently temporary is hip now and the cool thing now to do. or have these are gold and sliver Voodoo Tattoos , you receive one sheet. And as the usual states you simply cut the one you want out , say the wrist tat place it on the skin. Wet a paper towel, or the preferred way to wet your skin once the tattoo is wet , press and hold and when It says hold I mean hold for 15 sec,  you need the adhesive to hold to your skin. Gently lift the paper and if you did it right the design you chose should be on your skin. Ok , I tried using the wrist tat first huge huge fail! its the most hardest to do , I somewhat got one done but the design did not stick.

As you can tell , I tired my hardest I guess I dont have a knack for it . None the less I did not give it up , I tired placing not a wrist tattoo , but one of the flatter tattoos and less complicated designs and that seemed to work so much better!
 came out fully and worked out so beautifully. I loved this one. And stopped trying there, none the less these are so fun to try and wear I wanted to put them all on but I digress I have a job and I cannot have too much stuff on. My readers are in luck!!!! I am giving away one set of Voodoo tattoos for you to try on your own!  If you cannot wait to win then you can check out more information here and buy yourself a set! http://www.amazon.com/GODDESS-Temporary-Tattoos-Silver-Aphrodite/dp/B00PSP4WS8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1423748931&sr=8-1&keywords=voodoo+tattoo

( every product featured has my full support and backing , every product I have tried and tested before showing my readers and has my full support unless other wise noted)

Voodoo Tattoo Giveaway


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