Roaring Hot - A Motorcycle Romance (Ebook) Review

(I recieved this e-book for free on behalf of the author for my honest review and thoughts. The full review and thoughts are mine and mine alone )
I thought I would get out of the romance box that I have put myself in and try other romance books you know me. I love to read! And I needed something to read, So I picked up this hot little number. from amazon for a review for free on behalf of the author. The story or rather description from  reads,

"Motorcycle racer Teo Alexiou is challenged by his grandmother to come to her birthday party with a real girlfriend. He has plenty of party girls, and he fears getting roped into marriage so he hires an actress to play the part. 

The last thing Amy Suzuki wants is to be a kept woman, but her student loans are piling up and acting gigs are nonexistent. She agrees to Teo’s proposal for one summer, limited to public displays of affection. 

When Teo and Amy find themselves caught in love’s grip, their new desires war with their fears. Teo wants to renegotiate, but Amy insists she’s only with him because she is paid. She would never lose her heart to a man who uses money to buy affection. 

Their game playing explodes when Teo is injured on the track. Teo needs Amy, but how can she be sure of her true feelings when she’s an actress who can portray any emotion on command? Was her role in the reality show skillful acting or true love?"

This Book definitely surprised me , not one that would usually draw me to read it. While reading it I tended again to judge the book and expect for it to be good from the start. Even though it has slow start and things seem to be mixed you aren't sure about either of the characters. Teo seems like a billionaire playboy who only cares about himself . Making sure his trust fund is paid for and his pricey lifestyle is taken care of. Pretty much a typical man who thinks that his life is perfect. As the story goes on you see somewhat of a story behind the man not just the money. He seems to actually care for Amy and want her to be in his life , not just another paid actor. When an accident occurs , then you truly see if love truly does last. 
You know me I dont give many spoilers away , but this is definitely is a book to atleast give a try. You can click on the link below to grab it for your kindle right now for $0.99 cents!!! pretty cheap!  (I would never recommend a product that I have not tried myself nor approve of this book has my full approval and thoughts are my own)


  1. Hi Bianca, thanks for your review. I'm glad you tried something new and enjoyed it. :)


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