Product Spotlight! Brushy Ball Kick Start Campaign

I wanted to do one more product spotlight, This one is for the kids and looks like fun!
At the moment , I am only sharing information, but there is a giveaway on the books hopefully for the summer and I hope you all join me for that! None the less , I feel special I am finally making leeway in the blogging world and I was approached to spotlight this wonderful product! I love what I do , and this is one of my passions. 
Now to the product , Brushy Ball is fun and new way to teach kids how to brush their teeth and how to brush their teeth properly. Kids are taught each time "coached" on how to properly hit or brush all their teeth. A special game of follow the leader , fun positive way for kids to learn how to brush their teeth.
Once kids finish , brushing their teeth , Brushy ball congratulates kids with a good job! see you next time!
BrushyBall has a selector switch on the bottom which delivers three different brushing sessions. The six teeth sections will always light up in the same easy to follow pattern for two minutes. Position one shows the lighted teeth, voice guidance and music. Position two shows the lighted teeth with music (no voice). Position three simply shows the lighted teeth.

This is a wonderful product And even though I do not have kids at the moment I know this product is going to be a hit with kids. Lets hear what the creator of brushy ball has to say.
“Please go brush your teeth!” Every parent knows that tired plea, and sometimes it’s echoing throughout the house before our young brushers grudgingly drag themselves into the bathroom to complete the important twice-a-day hygiene mission.  Even when they do brush it is a hallmark moment if more than half of the teeth are actually touched by the brush : ( )
Inventor Rob Malen imagined a better way to motivate kids to brush and teach them the toothbrush task as his own daughter was learning to brush her teeth.  “I saw three things that my daughter needed most as she learned to brush: Motivation to come to the sink, fascination to keep her rapid fire attention span engaged, and simple demonstration to remind day after day how and where she should brush.“
He invented BrushyBall – The Toothbrush Training Coach, by wrapping all three elements into a follow-the-leader game that teaches kids complete brushing while they are actually brushing.  BrushyBall speaks with an adorable voice, a cute whistling song plays and pearly white teeth light up in sections to coach children each time they brush.  There really isn’t a product on the market like it.  Did the behemoth oral care industry miss a beat?  The global oral care market will tip the scale this year at roughly $33 billion, but what sink top dental hygiene solution communicates to kids what they should actually be doing for two minutes?
In fact, Gabriela (Mendieta) Elani, a consultant at Mintel, the world's leading market intelligence agency, suggests that revenue growth for oral care market players will be partly based on offering products that deliver new oral hygiene benefits. BrushyBall does just that.  The five-inch diameter happy little sphere sits firmly on sink tops waiting for brushing time, it holds toothbrushes and most importantly it cleverly alleviates the three most common challenges faced by young brushers and their frustrated parents. Brushing completely is now a follow-the-leader game!
Surprisingly, there really is a world in need of oral hygiene help as nearly 100% of the world’s adults and 60%-90% of school children have had a cavity (WHO).  Among U.S. children alone, cavities are still the most common chronic disease (CDC) with 42% of kids having cavities even before their permanent teeth come in (NIH). 
Right now the kick starter campaign, is going on and the creator is needing our help ! 
With every pledge you have a chance to receive something. Please Visit the link below to get more information and maybe donate some money! Really guys this is something awesome!
You can also check out brushyball on these other social networking sites.
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