Keep It Shut. by Karen Ehman Review and Book Giveaway!

(I received this book for free for my honest review and thoughts on the book the words are my own)  

Another wonderful , Partner and new company! My 2nd book that is up for grabs is called Keep it Shut , what to say how to say it and when to say nothing at all. 
I can name a number of times where this would have been handy. I can name one in particular where I should have kept my mouth shut. It Costed me a friendship to come to a halt , and lose my best friend of four years to leave my life for a while. And it completely hurt , I knew I should have kept my mouth shut about certain things that had happen but I did not I kept going on and on. And it ruined me the one friendship that meant anything and everything  to me. I spilled the beans as to say and she got angry and left for awhile . I can tell you it hurt , I knew I should have kept my mouth shut and not have said anything thinking about it now. My friend has her issue , and she was going to resolve it I just decided to open my mouth and fix it for her before she could on her own. There are a lot of times where words are not the right option.When you should be there or do things in other ways, its just as simple as being there as an ear to a friend who has a problem. Or helping someone with a chore. Being a friend rather than spreading gossip, or talking when talking is not the best possible option. What I love about this book is the fact that I can use this now to help me climb off the "talking tree" as I call it and know when to speak and not when to speak. The book offers witty and often , funny and different ways to keep your mouth shut. And when you should speak with family and friends. I am a shy private person most of the time and when I most of the time I will talk to you if I know you. Or being friendly ,  But yet I still struggle when speaking when I should not speak. Even though sometimes I do have an idea sometimes this book , does it all and I have highlighted the most helpful hints and suggestions that are made . I am going to make sure to take a vow!!! Anyways Wonderful book , I would definitely recommend to those who seem to have lose lips sometimes.
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