Written On Her Heart Book Review

( I received this ebook for free for my honest review and thoughts on behalf of the author and tomoson.com)

"Andi Callaway has dreamed of becoming a published author her entire life. 

Ford Delaney has always wanted nothing more than to escape his past. 

An opportunity of a lifetime. This is what Andi finds when she returns home to Callaway Cove on summer break. A chance to work for her literary idol Ford Delaney is up for grabs, and she’s willing to risk everything—her boyfriend, her best friends, and her education—to get it. 

She’s positive this will be the key to reaching her dreams. But the moment she begins working for the reclusive author, Andi realizes there’s more to him than just a name. As attraction builds between Andi and Ford, she begins to discover consequences must come hand-in-hand with something great—which could loosen control over her tightly wound life. And once romantic sparks fly, Andi’s other relationships start to crumble, Ford’s fame comes back to haunt him, and the heat they generate will either forge a powerful, enduring love or threaten everything she holds dear. "

My 2nd book that I have reviewed officially and I was pleasantly surprised , I often sometimes do judge a book by its cover. My genre is often , thriller romance and paranormal. Romance in general is something that I love to read, just something that seems so cheesy I dont read. I love adventure and I love thriller turn after turn. But with this book , I did judge it too early when looking at the cover . But after awhile you want to try something new, so I decided why not? 
Upon reading , You are introduced into a wonderful world and the town of Callaway cove . You meet Andi an aspiring writer , who has a chance to work with her idol Ford Delaney. Reading this , in the beginning you get a slight hint of 50 shades of grey. But not really , this story is something of its own.  
Ford is a closed off , and hates the media for the picture they paint of his past. Along comes Andi who wants a chance to mean something to be heard and have her book published. I love that she sees him for him , not just another paycheck or someone to further her career. Little by little you see bits of Ford that many dont see when they work for him. Andi seems to break down these walls, and Ford seems to understand her more than others do. What I love about this , is I can see some of Andi in me and it makes me smile. You root , for her wanting her to be noticed and loved. And she is , the story flows nicely and works well, you are rooting for Andi and her dream. She encounters rough spots along the road from toruble with her friends and trouble with her love life. But she works through it , and makes something of herself. She makes sure that she is in control of what she does , and like always you follow your heart and do the right thing. I love how the author sets up the scene and the storyline for her other books that are apart of this series. I can definitely see some of andi in me and I bet other readers can see it as well. 
Coming towards the end of the book you keep rooting for andi and her happy ending and are stunned because you do not think that it is in sight. Then.. well.. you will have to see if she gets her happy ending! I dont do full spoilers! I already gave away too much!! So grab the e-book now and read it! 
( this product aka book has my full support and five star rating! I would never recommend a product nor a book that I have not read or seen. the thoughts are my own)


  1. This seems like a very interesting book. I don't read much romance books, just mainly inspirational, but the plot and story lines seems like it may grab you in.

  2. I also sometimes judge books by their covers, thanks so much for your review. It helped me realize that I need to look deeper!

  3. This seems like a good book. It sounds so interesting. I will have to put it on my list to read!!!

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful review. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the book!


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