Where to find the beauty bargains!

To Keep up with traffic and followers, I am dedicating to posting once a day , either a review or bargain help, and sometime soon how to use coupons or other parts of my life. I am a bargain hunter most of the time, when I believe that it is necessary. Sometimes I do tend to spurge on certain items because I know I am getting a good deal. 
So lets get to the deals shall we?
Ok, I dont shy away from a good deal and you shouldn't as well. Stores like this have clearances all the time no matter the time of the year. But these are usually hidden away from site , I do not have a local target , the closest one if about two hours away. But I do have a Walmart about  30 mins away , but with a little effort, you can find what you are looking for. None the less , We will cover clearance and then deals. The Clearance is hidden but easy to find , usually look for the back of the beauty where not most people look . There will either be shelf or tubs with clearance and discounted items. and discontinued items as well. Now there is two small makeup deals that I use the first is called E.L.F makeup which stands for eyes lip and face. Now ive only bought the eye liner but none the less this makeup has worked wonders. And is very reasonably priced for what some other makeup brands cost.The other brand that I use is called N.Y.C  New York Color , this is a wonderful brand that I love to use what I love is their nail polish only priced at a $1.00 a pop. The nail polish is long lasting And works wonders. Now ... there are more beauty products and deals to talk about!

Another awesome place is 
Amazon is wonderful place to find beauty deals and bargains . I have yet to purchase items yet beauty wise , but I have bought others for my review but yet no makeup nor supplies. Each and every product that I get from here though comes in a timely manner. But I would use a word of caution and read reviews first before you buy sometimes it can be counterfeit. What I also use is amazon prime, at the moment I get a student discount which prices amazon prime for me at $49.00 for the whole year I get free shipping even more discounts on items, amazon prime video which is similar to Netflix. Now regularly prime for everyone is $80.00 I believe. Either way one payment each year helps out tremendously and is awesome to use.  You can sign up by using my link below!


Another small thing that can be your friend is freebies , mail inserts , and other items can be found by simply goggling .  free items , free stuff , freebies . You can find plenty of sites even on facebook that can help you out. As well facebook groups when it comes down to it. Either way it is very helpful.

Other ways to get beauty bargains is to hit clearance sales when the holidays are over and done with these gift sets and much much more. Are on sale for %50 , %60 and sometimes even as high as %90 off their original price. I tend to window shop and see what I love and then after Christmas I go shopping I have found the best deals by finding things half off.

  Another thing that is the final piece of the puzzle , or bargains is semi-annual sales VS beauty products and bath and body works. These beauty products go on sale and they are half price and usually dirt cheap for the price. And they smell great! Other products as well are on sale and its a no brainier! I love a semi annual sale , they happen usually twice each year spring and winter and sometimes in the Sumner depending on the time usually. When it comes down to it , and you can come away with hauls such as this! 

Well , I believe ive covered everything that I usually cover when it comes down to it. Now I am sometime soon going to break some of my rules. As I want to expand my beauty reviews , which is pretty awesome. So what beauty bargains have you found? what have I not covered?
Until next time.


  1. Appears to me that you pretty much covered it all :)

    These were very good resources and info. Thanks for sharing

  2. Great post on bargains..will be checking som of them out. Thanks


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