Mix Tape of my Life.

We all have that mix tape in our head of the background music that plays while things happen in our life. Kind of like the background music, during a tv show when this happens we always wonder what would that tape or dvd be?

This is personal favorite of mind.

If not many of you know I am christian , and this is one of my personal favorites and some how describes my faith journey. My personal highs and lows of my life , I know that God will always be there no matter what. I've been a cast out and ive been alone in my life. But I know that I am more than my mistakes in my life , and other ways.

Last but not least , this is my entire anthem I want bigger and better things of my life. I will always remember where I came from and miss those I left behind.
So what is your mix tape? or songs?
Do you have a few or a lot?


  1. Oh man, I remember when I used to make actual mix-tapes for my friends. Those were the days!


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