Meet The Testers! And The Blogger Herself :)

Again I wanted y'all to meet my testers, and my blog help when it comes to trying out products.
No one in my life gets life behind or forgotten , I make sure everyone tells me their view on certain products.
There is me , the blogger and the typer herself. I am an online college student striving to get my bachelors in criminal justice from Eastern New Mexico University as for what I want to do with my degree I am unsure. I love to write freely as a form of therapy and less stress on me. I am a shopaholic and love to get freebies in the mail. And I try to review what I can I love love love watching movies I am a huge movie buff and have passed the trait on to my brothers. They have started their own collections of movies because of me and my medium sized one . I love reading and hope to pick it up again my busy lifestyle I haven't been able to read as much. What else is there to say? I love beauty products they are my favorite thing to test out , I am 23 years old . I am a cat owner , I have kitty and one other is a vistor in my house as his "parents" are roommates of mine and my boyfriend ( his brother and his brothers girlfriend family in most words)
Apart from the various products I receive I am a child at heart and would love the chance to review dolls or anything similar like my childhood. Barbies were my favorite, Anything else you would like to ask? Just find me on any of my social networks ! 

My other two testers are my brothers , they are excited at the thought of trying out anything I have to offer. One is 14 going to be 15 this year and the other is 10 years old and loves still his toys and video games. 

 My Last human tester is my wonderful boyfriend as in the case of my brothers and him I will not reveal names. They are my testers, My boyfriend is inching to try car products , men stuff and health products. Lets see if he gets his wish..
I dont want to forget the last 3 testers which are of the furry nature the Calico is mine and my boyfriends named snickers. The black cat is our roomates and named Luci , and the dog is named honey and they are up to be product testers!


  1. Thanks for letting us get to know the people that make your blog possible!

  2. You look like a great group together !!!


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