Fitness Goals For 2015

I always say it , I want to lose weight growing
up things were fine at the same time. I stress ate a lot , I ate to my emotions , and it showed. Another thing that happened , was that I lost weight and dropped weight. I've always given myself a hardtime and when I did I ate. As time went on my self esteem lowered and I ate and I tried to make personal goals. But I put them off , ive make excuses too busy , not enough time too hard.
Lately in the past few years ive tried to make an effort. Starting with my freshman year , Zumba was the thing and it still is now . And during my freshman year , I took my first zumba class and what can I say. I was hooked I love it , and having friends who needed workout buddies helped.
But sometimes things dont work out , friends leave and move on . But what does a girl to do when they dont have friends nor a gym around?

I have goals in mind,

  • I want to be able to have enough energy to get things done that i want to get done.  
  • Lose about 20pds off my body , be at a level 200 pds and then lose about 10 more. 
  • I want to feel powerful and sexy in my own skin. 
  • And last but not least get rid of my insecurities about myself. 
 I do these not because I dont feel pressured at the same time I want to make myself feel better.


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