Facial Blotting Paper Review and thoughts

(I received this product for free on behalf of the company and tomoson.com for my honest thoughts and review, the thoughts are my own and no one elses)
I thought this was an interesting product ive never tried anything like this. So I thought why not? give it a shot? These are Face Blotting paper sheets it is ideal for oily facial skin, which is something I do have sometimes but not a lot . I tend to have dry skin mostly , when it comes down to it but otherwise than that. I dont have problems , hey its something to share with you folks out there , when you buy at your flat price you receive one for free! which is good!  I shared these with my mother and she approved them as well . They do wonders for your face while in a hurry and also they are conveniently small purse size so you can take them on the go when you need to. Wake up for class late? no problem! Late night date? no problem! these are wonderful and have my full support.

                                                               The product description from amazon.com reads,

Blotting Paper: #1 Best Blotting Paper
Always Your Freshest Face.
1) Blotting Paper Perfection.If you've tried ordinary blotting tissues before, you'll notice the premium feel & satisfying clean feel with Day by Day Beauty's #1 Blotting Papers right away. From start to finish these face blotting sheets are made of premium-grade, natural pulp fiber that quickly absorbs unwanted oil - without disturbing your makeup.
2) You'll need the 2nd Package to Share.This popular Blotting Paper Set ships to you with 2 Luxury Blotting Paper Packages  (Each Package Has 100 Oil Blotting Sheets, for a total of 200 Oil Blotting Sheets Per Order).  We know your friends will love them too, so we pack generously so you can be generous too ;)
3) Photo-Ready: In a Snap. Always be Photo-Ready in our insta-world!  Say goodbye to selfies with shine thanks to your oil absorbing sheets.  Gently blot, then point & shoot for a photoshopped look every time!
4) Our Famous "Petal-Fresh, Sure-to-Share" GUARANTEE.If our #1 Blotting Paper quality, or anything about our product is not up to par: WE WANT TO KNOW. Our Top Priority is your Satisfaction, and stand behind our premium products. If you - or your friends! - are not satisfied with our product for any reason, simply return for a 100% refund, no questions asked. You literally RISK NOTHING trying this Premium Product Today.
> Stock up for Yourself & Give the Gift of shine-control blotting sheets to a friend!  They'll thank you for it!  

Did I mention the very cute , greeting on the inside of the box? I love it just something to cheer you up! 
So why not? click on the link below to order them. Buy some as a gift for that beauty friend of yours or maybe just something for yourself! You will love it!

(Remember I would never recommend a product that I have not tried myself , nor support every product on my blog has my full support unless other wise noted. I received this product for free on behalf of the company for my honest reviews and thoughts.)


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