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As the new year comes about us , its January 6th already almost time for school. Apart from the other items of my blog my reviews , bargains and various other stuff. I wanted to share aspects of my college life.
I wanted to share this time , my aspect of my dorm and apartment life. I lived in the dorms first with my best friend Tabitha and then a stranger who turned into a friend later on. All in the same dorm but different rooms , and different years and then my apartment life was somewhat different. I lived in apartment for a short time with three people including my best friend. And then I left that apartment to live alone , until I moved into a house with my boyfriend.
Many people make their dorm their own like this person did, with pictures and bedding and such.
The first time I was in the dorm I made it my own and made sure it had pieces of home as well. The bottom bunk was mine and the green sheets was my best friend. 

I had my shelf of items movies to keep my time , and music cd's photos of my family and my friends things to keep me from being home sick . When the truth was I was near home when it comes down to it. But none the less I loved making the dorm my own.

We each had our own closet, and I decorated it as well , pictures from my little brother who still to this day gives me his art work to show off. Photos and cards from my family . 
 my phantom calendar. 

Now my apartment was totally different, a lot more space somewhat I dont have many photos of my first apartment. But I have photos of my 2nd apartment where I lived alone , 

Still yet I made it my own and tired to make it as colorful as possible with what I had. When it comes down to it , you make it your own . And sometimes you dont need everything when you are moving in the dorms . A lot of people and organizations provide students with tons of freebies to decorate their room and make it their own. Sometimes even the most simple of decorations , will make a room and make it feel more like home. 


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