Phantom Fit Bands Review and Thoughts

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( I received this product for free on behalf of the company phantomfit  for my honest review and thoughts on the product). 
I was thrilled to review this product on the fact that , I wanted something again that would bring me closer in my weight loss journey. These are phantom fit bands made by phantom fit, they are safety ankle bracelets to wear while jogging, walking, biking and even if you are on your motorcycle. As you can tell the strips reflect beautifully and are made to last. They also included a travel carry case, and a music CD for songs to play while working out. I played around with them a bit and put them where I think I would use them . I myself personally dont like the feeling of anything on my ankles unless I have to . So I tried them on my arm , my forearm and they worked great a nice sung fit and no chance of them coming off. I tried my wrist , but sadly its way too big , but other people who have larger wrists such as men . I believe wont have this problem ,
(on my forearm)

(on my arm)
The Description as read on amazon . com reads : 
  • Stay safe while jogging or doing any outdoor activity at night! These Phantom Fit reflective bands fit securely and are visible up to 1,000 feet. Model PFB102-1681.
  • Easily fastens with durable velcro. These stay in place and won't move around.
  • Forget about those expensive bands with LED lights that need their batteries changed every couple of weeks. Phantom Fit reflective bands reflect well even with a small amount of light.
  • Dual reflective strips means twice the amount of reflection. Not to mention, it's more difficult for drivers to mistake you for anything except for a human!
  • Can also be used on wrists and arms as long as the spot is over 10 inches in circumference.

Either way this a a wonderful product that helps out , when trying to stay fit and stay safe in any night environment. I would definitely recommend to those joggers or walkers who exercise at night and need something to keep them safe and from harm so drivers can see them. You can purchase this product here, by clicking on this link below.


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