My Holiday Must Haves!

Happy Holiday's Everyone and Merry Christmas! I wanted to share my top holiday picks for someone around my age or someone who seems to be in the same things as me. Sort of like ideas, I am planning on making this a blog series hopefully lasting until Christmas. Now that I am done with the semester I can expand and give my blog more love. Until hopefully spring semester starts , So lets get down to business shall we? 

What most people know about me personally and others who have read my other blog. Know that I love Taylor swift! and these 3 perfumes and now a newer two newer ones that I have not heard of yet. But now iching to try , these perfumes are not over powering and simple but smell beautiful. There are five options available to buy, Wonderstruck enchanted , Wonderstruck , Taylor by taylor , Incredible things , and Taylor by taylor made of starlight. During this and other holiday seasons , they offer select gift sets and deals to get your best bang for your dollar.  This is a Definite must on my list!
Here is a main link to find all perfumes:
Who doesn't love frozen? you may already be sick of it , but for those who love the movie such as myself. This beautiful throw, is a perfect thing for those who love frozen. I love Elsa and everything about her , shopping at Walmart they are offering several other characters as well for those who love Anna and Elsa and Then Olaf. These blankets are soft and cuddly and perfect for any age. Of those who love , Frozen 
the link below you can find them. 

 Another Must have for me is the New Ipod Touch 6th gen. I currently own the 4th gen, and really want to upgrade the ipod in general . Apart from the usual music and such that the ipod provides . The newer they get the more advanced they get, apart from this they come in handy so many ways. There are other mp3 players but most dont come as advanced as the ipod do. You can grab the ipod by clicking on the link below 

Another must have on my holiday list this year. Is the Xbox one , I bought one for my boyfriend and I have to admit it has had its problems. The first one that we bought the kinect died, so we had to return it. The next one that we bought has its problems, but at the same is awesome and the next step in gen consoles. I love playing the games and watching tv , the step up like fb where you can brag and show off what games you are playing and like your friends status as well. I would mention that buying this does come with a risk since the tech is hard sometimes. So I would buy some kind product that provides a way to cover both product failure and product malfunction . Without any protection if this tech fails then you are stuck with a $500 paperweight if you buy without the kinect . Right now with the holiday's being around there are various deals and bundles that come with . A Bundle that is great this season get you one game and the Xbox one without the kinect. Which you can buy at Walmart by clicking the link below:

Last but not least is a favorite of mine that has been on my list forever, Is the Beautifully Disney Collection. By Disney think of it as Disney Makeup For those who are kids inside but are adults and love our beauty products. These are mostly sold , at Disney parks and certain sets are available at Walgreen's. Straight From the website , the Beautifully Disney is described as :
They are expanding their lines , from Minnie and mickey and creating makeup lines from their movies and theme park rides. They are coming out with a haunted mansion line that I cannot wait for! and dying to see. And a new frozen line as well, that is perfect for those who love the movie as well, either way fun flirty and colorful describes these makeup lines and a definite one for those who love beauty and makeup. You find the makeup line online at the Disney store , or Walgreens 


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