Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays!

This is late post , since I spent the holidays with My wonderful boyfriends family. Sort of a Christmas update to get back into the swing of things and bring y'all my reviews and my life. I feel like I've abandoned my other blog , but feel like making it over to a college lifestyle blog and strictly making this reviews and other tips. But I am not sure fully at the moment. I had a wonderful Christmas , and it was such a joy to see everyone open their gifts.

 I got a ton of Frozen Disney items , a barbie a beautiful jewelry box and so much more! it was awesome , Even Santa Paws came and visited snickers and Lucy the two resident house kitties here at the casa.

Then in the evening my future mother in law cooked a wonderful meal , and we intended to take family pictures but was not able to . But yet we all got dressed and prettied up to take photos , the men of the house weren't in the mood to take photos and it got late.
 Heres me ... makeup and all contacts . 

 the yummy food that was made I had two plates and some berry cheesecake 

Overall it was wonderful time and everyone loved their gifts. 


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